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New Car Superstore is an online store, where people from all over the world can find the perfect car, whether one wants to lease, buy or trade an old vehicle. We offer all brands and all models associated with those and Acura is the first one in a long line. The way Acura appeared on the market was a bizarre idea at first, but it transformed in one of the best products from a manufacturer that changed the direction of usefulness into luxury and comfort.
In 1982, Tom Elliott, the Honda U.S. sales boss, was told that a new car had to be produced and sold to the American consumer and above all, at a price that exceeded all the Japanese cars that had been manufactured so far by the Honda Motor Co. giant. This move meant taking the Japanese brand to a whole new level and Tom Elliott was given only four years to come up with this dramatic change. The new car was projected to sell at an over $20,000 !
Considering Honda first entered the American market in 1959, with the famous motorcycles, followed by the S600 hatchbacks, (that were quite tiny) and then it took the Japanese brand ten years to introduce the first cars, The Civic, Honda Subcompact Civic, in 1969, then the Honda Accord, in 1982, starting at $7.400, (which in today's currency equals approximately $16,510), the intended price of $20,000 for the future Acura, was quite a move.
So back to 1982, the executives, Yoshihide Munekuni, the President of Honda in U.S.A., Cliff Schmillen and Elliott sat down and drew up a very courageous plan for the Acura, which really was the first car in over twenty years, on American land. They said they didn't think the Honda, a brand known as the 'affordable family car', reliable and economical, could have ever become the sporty car, that the American consumer would pursue.

New Car Superstore is proud to offer Acura since it opened its online platform to all costumers across U.S.A.

Here in California, at the New Car Superstore Head Quarters, we present to you the whole array of choices that Acura produced. The models range from ZDX, MDX, RDX, to TL, ILX and TSX. Basically, from 1986, going forward, Acura has been available and it has kept the luxury reputation unscathed. Back in 2009, Acura introduced the TL and the TSX models and only a few months later, came the RL model. Only two years later, Acura opened to the market with a totally new model, the ZDX, a luxury crossover.

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Also, if you want more information on each model, as well as details about leasing, purchasing or any trade-ins, our brokers will gladly talk to you and explain everything. You can read our glowing reviews and make the smart choice: work with New Car Superstore! No matter what brand or model, we are here for you. If you are looking for an Acura, we are here for you and we will make sure that we find you the best, most affordable and safest car on the market. Be it new or used, be it leased or purchased, our agents at New car Superstore are always there for you, 24/7. All the Acura models are great choices and all the information on ZDX, MDX, RDX, TL, ILX and TSX can be found at www.NewCarSuperstore.com
So only our online store can guarantee a car shopping experience, free of going to the dealership hassle. All in all, if you decide to shop for an Acura, know that the luxury component is the pride of this reliable brand, that not only survived, but has been thriving in the American market, for over three decades! And NewCarSuperstore.com will always help you and give you the best prices and the best service!